Finishing and Post Production

Powder Coating:

Powder coating bakes powdered plastic onto a statically charged metal surface. It is a form of paint but is more durable.   Laser Company offers various colors and textures including gloss, matte, texture, and metallic chrome.

Please note that powder coating can add a layer of up to 0.1mm per side to diameters and can accumulate inside threads and holes.  Also, small pockets and corners may not be covered by powder due to the spraying process.


We offer various paint types and finishes.  We can provide standard finishes for outdoor steel structures or epoxy and sealant features for tanks.  With over 2000 M2 of space, we can complement our welding project with the right paint finish.

Zinc Electro-Plating

For corrosion protection and increased durability, zinc electro-plating covers the surface of metals with a thin layer of zinc.  Plating is a process where a conductive surface is covered with a thin layer of metal.

Surface Grinding

For molds and dies, we offer surface grinding which provides precise smooth flat surface.  The grinding wheel moves back and forth to create a leveled part.

Laser Marking